Anti-Corrosion Coating


Cold galvanizing composition, which is based on 96% zinc, has an electrochemical protection of the metal, as well as a protective effect, which is comparable in its protective properties with hot and galvanized galvanizing methods. The composition is suitable for outdoor and indoor ventilated areas.

AKTERM Plast 3 in 1

Quick-drying primer enamel 3 in 1 for rust of triple action: rust converter, anti-corrosion primer, and decorative enamel. No strong odor, dries quickly (15 min), suitable for outdoor and indoor ventilated areas. The coating is elastic and has high adhesion (1 point); offers a smooth silky matt surface after painting. AKTERM Plast 3 in 1 is weatherproof and petrol resistant.

AKTERM Antikor

AKTERM Antikor ™ is an ultra-thin liquid thermal insulation with anti-corrosion properties on an organic solvent. It is used for thermal insulation and anti-corrosion protection of metal structures, metal products and spare parts, tanks, pipelines, transport, etc.

Akterm Antikor Pro 304

Polyurethane one-component composition for corrosion protection of vessels, tanks, and containers from the inside, including for the transport and storage of food.

AKTERM Antikor PU ™

AKTERM Antikor PU is a material based on polyurethane resins with inorganic additives, which protects against corrosion and provides abrasion resistance. It cures after the mixing of the components, providing a high-strength elastic surface. The composition contains no organic additives and does not fade in the sun (withstands UV).

PRO NGGO AKTERM™Corrosion Inhibitor

PRO NGGO AKTERM Corrosion Inhibitor prevents corrosion in downhole equipment, oil-gas field and oil-processing equipment, as well as pipelines transporting gas condensate with variable flow regimes, including stratified flows, in high/low carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide environments.

AKTERM StekloEmal ™

Anticorrosive agent that protects the inner and outer surfaces of steel pipes and other metal structures from corrosion. StekloEmal guarantees thermal resistance, prevents the passage of moisture, and protects from sunlight.

Causes of metal surfaces destruction

Corrosion protection of steel structures is a prerequisite for the use of metal elements in any buildings. Containers made of metal, pipelines, and individual parts of mechanisms and vehicles could serve forever if not for the reactions that cause corrosion. Without being treated with a special compound, huge steel structures can collapse, causing enormous damage and killing people.

The following causes corrosion:

  • moisture;
  • ambient air;
  • any gas;
  • oil products;
  • microorganisms;
  • electrolytes;
  • friction;
  • temperature fluctuations and other factors.

This complex interaction process ends with the destruction of the metal. It is difficult to deal with. It is better to prevent the reaction. To do this, apply anti-corrosion coating, which will create a protective film and protect the surface from harmful external influences. The result depends on the composition characteristics and the quality of its application.

Protection for Metal

Using innovative technology, AKTERM developed several types of anti-corrosion coatings. To ensure maximum protection of metal surfaces, the following were taken into account:

  • operating conditions of metal products;
  • possible application method;
  • purpose of structure;
  • additional external processing.

As a result, you can prevent, slow down, or stop the process of metal decay.

We offer the following products:

  • Glass enamel (StekloEmal) on the basis of silicon dioxide. The glassy film is resistant to aggressive environment and withstands a large temperature range: from -50 to +350 ° С. Its application requires thermal treatment.
  • Polyurethane coating is used not only to protect drinking water tanks, but also protect vessels and tankers as a whole with the storage of various types of fuel and fuel
  • Ultra-fine thermal insulation with anti-corrosion protection.
  • Cold galvanizing agent for very thin (less than 1 mm) surfaces.
  • Quick-drying decorative enamel with the ability to transform and prevent rust.

Anti-corrosion protection of the internal surface of pipelines is provided by inhibitors. The products offered by AKTERM guarantee maximum protection against corrosion and embrittlement of oil and gas companies equipment.

Areas of Application and Characteristics

We cooperate with large and small enterprises, manufacturers of metal products, and consumers. Owners of cars, garages, garden piping, and even bicycles should timely apply modern means of protection against metal destruction.

This can be done with a brush, a roller, or a spray. AKTERM anti-corrosion coating will not only fulfill the main purpose, but also serve as a pleasant decor resistant to ultraviolet. Glossy surface does not accumulate water. Turning into drops, the water drips down.

Among the important characteristics is good adhesion with any surface. Pre-cleaning of rust is usually not required. The product is applied evenly, leaving no chance for water to meet with the metal. Decorative paint is applied well on the anti-corrosion coating by AKTERM.

The assortment of our online store offers protective agents for all types of metal and any type of construction. All our products are certified. Enamels and paints have been thoroughly tested in AKTERM’s own laboratory. They are fire-resistant, non-toxic, and resistant to temperature extremes and mechanical stress.

Services and Maintenance

The company’s main office is in Moscow. We have representative offices in many Russian cities. AKTERM cooperates with all countries.

You can place your order online or in any of the offices. We will arrange fast shipping and monitor the delivery.

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