AKTERM® liquid insulation is successfully used by our customers in a variety of areas of use.

Organization NameSphere/Area of Use
OAO LUKOILheat insulation of reservoirs and pipelines
OAO Mosenergoheat insulation of reservoirs
OAO Kombinat Avtomobilnykh Furgonovheat insulation of container trucks
OOO RefMasterrefrigerator trucks maintenance
Enkaconstruction company
OOO RosneftegazstroyOOO Rosneftegazstroy
construction of pipelines for various purposes in various climate conditions, construction of surface facilities
OOO Gorpozhtekhnikadevelopment of fire safety measures, technical conditions, project documentation, creation and maintenance of fire safety systems
ZAO MetrovagonmashZAO Metrovagonmash
one of the leading transportation vehicle construction companies of Russia
Voytovich Railway Car Construction Plantproduction and maintenance of railway cars
OOO Yeniseystroykomplektcivil building construction works
OOO Metrospetsstroythe company does any types of civil construction, architecture and finishing, restoration and special purpose works
OOO MegaStroygeneral contracting services, construction and installation works, overhaul, reconstruction and restoration of buildings and facilities, excavation works


SK Olimpiyskiy

Photo Report: Use of AKTERM™ at construction sites

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Photo Report of AKTERM Facade™ Use

Site: 9-storeyed residential building in the city of Yekaterinburg, 45 Dekabristov St., Eastern facade, brickwork, about 20 years old. There were complaints from tenants about condensation on the walls and frost penetration inside the building in wintertime. Operations of applying AKTERM Facade were performed in autumn of 2012, and in the winter season of 2012-2013 there were no complaints from tenants. Over the coating a brick-colored facade paint was applied.

Before these works in autumn of 2011 an arch wall of the same building was insulated, the apartment behind this arch also having had the frost penetration problem:

Another site: 2-storeyed building of a kindergarten, 12a Figurnaya St., Yekaterinburg. There were complaints about condensation on the walls and frost penetration inside the building in wintertime. Operations of applying AKTERM Facade™ were performed in autumn of 2011, and in winter of 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 there were no complaints. The AKTERM Facade™ coating was tinted light yellow.

In the same building heat insulation of wall jambs next to window units was conducted, as well as heat insulation of pipelines in the basement with AKTERM Facade™.


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