AKTERM Concrete™ Liquid Heat Insulation Coating for Protection Against Condensation


AKTERM Concrete™ is a liquid waterborne heat insulation material designed for insulation of concrete, brick and limestone. The liquid heat insulation coating protects the surface against condensation and freezing. Contains inhibitors of fungus and mold. AKTERM Concrete™ does not contain organic solvents and volatile compounds and is a safe and non-toxic material applicable both outside and inside private and industrial premises.

Possible Uses:

  • insulation of the surfaces of welfare facilities and industrial premises
  • weatherization of loggias, balconies, basements
  • insulation of interpanel joints and building facades
  • preservation of heat, elimination of fungus, prevention of ice coating formation
  • heat insulation of “transpiring” surfaces made of concrete, brick, limestone
  • protection of wall sand floors against frost penetration
  • weatherization and insulation of window jambs

AKTERM Concrete™ is applied with a 1 mm thick layer with the outside temperature from +7С° to +45°С to the surface with the temperature from +7°С to +45°С. Once the heat insulation layer is completely dry, the surface can be used within 24 hours within the temperature range from -60°С to +140°С.

The flowrate of AKTERM Concrete™ liquid heat insulationis 1 liter per 1 m² of the surface with the layer thickness of 1 mm. The color of the coating once it is dry is white.

The solvent for the product is water.

Product transportation conditions: with the temperature from +7°С to +40°С.

Packaging: 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 liters plastic bucket.

Customer pick-up: free of charge from the company warehouse

Cost of delivery: from 300 rubles up, depending on the volume of the order.

Technology of applying AKTERM Concrete™ liquid insulation material to surfaces

If the area of the surface in question is not too large, an ordinary paint brush can be used.

The application of the liquid heat insulation is performed using a special airless spraying installation designed specifically to work with such type of materials. To apply a layer of heat paint it is necessary to use a muzzle made of a hard-alloy material, because ordinary muzzles tend to get out of order soon.

AKTERM Concrete™:

  • reduces heat loss
  • enables to perform tinting (color matching) to create an eye-pleasing surface
  • has a low surface traction coefficient
  • does not impose additional load on the insulated surface
  • is guaranteed to preserve heat and warmth
  • possesses the properties of sound insulation and waterproofing


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