AKTERM Fireproof™ Liquid Insulation Coating for Fire Protection


AKTERM Fireproof™ is a liquid insulation material designed to improve fire resistance of metal structures, as well as industrial and public facilities for a period of 45 to 120 minutes. The fire protection properties of this coating meet the requirements of GOST R (Russian National Standard) 53295-2009.

AKTERM Fireproof™ is used for protection of metal structures as part of complex coating. The coating only fulfills the fire protection function. For adhesion to metal and formation of an anti-corrosion coating it is recommended to use base coat such as GF-021 (GOST 25129-82). For weather resistance any weather resistant coating can be used depending on the requirements to its durability and design. With the dry layer thickness of 1.7 mm and 1,3 5 mm the AKTERM® intumescent fire protection coating provides fire resistance of the coating for 60, 90 and 120 minutes respectively (fire rating groups 3 and 4), which is confirmed by fire safety certificates.

The ready coating is a polymer film that only serves as fire protection coating but does not possess anti-corrosion properties, that is why the fire protection paint must only be applied to corrosion-protected metal. For protection against corrosion GF-021 base coats or alkyd-urethane base coats are recommended.

AKTERM™ fire protection paint (R45, R60, R90, R120) is used to provide fire safety of building envelopes. The material being easy to apply, this eliminates the need for additional assembly operations. The fire protection product is reliable and durable, which is why AKTERM® fire protection is convenient and viable. This is especially essential for hard-to-reach areas – dismantling is not necessary for reperformance of fire protection operations.

AKTERM Fireproof™ coating is used as protection against open fire or other high-temperature effect of steel beams, supports, industrial and civil construction structures both indoors and in the open air (using weatherproof polishes and enamels) to increase their fire resistance.

AKTERM Fireproof™ is an organic product that basically is a pigment suspension and a filler slurry in an acrylic polymer with modifying, stabilizing and intumescent additives in an organic solvents environment. The fireproofing properties of the product are based on the formation of a thick layer of intumesced foam (cooked cellular material) on the surface of the painted metal at high temperatures, this foam having low thermal conductivity.

AKTERM Fireproof™ is applied with at least a 2.0 mm layer at the outside temperature from +7С° to +40°С to a surface with the similar temperature. Once the thermal insulation layer is completely dry, within the next 24 hours the surface can be used within the temperature range of -60°С to +260°С.

The flow rate of AKTERM Fireproof™ liquid insulation is 1 liter per 1 m² of the surface with the layer thickness of 1 mm. The color of the coating once it is dry is white.

Product transportation conditions: at the temperature from +7°С to +40°С.

Packaging: 10 to 20 liters plastic/metal bucket.

Customer pick-up: free of charge from the company warehouse.

Cost of delivery: from 300 rubles up, depending on the volume of the order.

Recommendations of use and methods of applying AKTERM Fireproof™ liquid insulation material to surfaces


AKTERM Fireproof™ intumescent insulation coating is ready for use. If necessary it can be diluted with xylol, but not more than by 3 % of the weight. The product must be thoroughly stirred before use.

Flow Rate of the Product

The flow rate is defined depending on the thickness of the structure and the needed fire rating group.

Drying Time

The drying time of the AKTERM® fire protection coating when applied to single-layer coating metal is 60 minutes at the temperature of 20±2°С and air humidity of not more than 80%. At lower temperatures the drying time increases. Applying the second and the subsequent layers is allowed after 24 hours. Quality paint coating cannot be formed at a temperature lower than +5°С and air humidity over 85%.

Preparation of the Base

Before applying AKTERM Fireproofing™ to a metal surface the base is freed from rust using any available method (manually with wire brushes or sand paper or by sandblasting). Then the surface is defatted by organic solvents, usually gasoline, and dried at a temperature close to 200°С for 2-3 hours.

Applying to a Metal Base 

2-3 layers of AKTERM Fireproof™ are applied to a prepared metal surface (depending on the thickness of the metal) with intercoat drying for at least 24 hours in normal conditions. At higher temperatures and air humidity the intercoat drying time increases. The thickness of every layer of base coating must be 18-25 microns. The flow rate of the base coat depends on the method of its application and on average is 90-120 g/m2. The final drying of the primer layer is at least 3 days.

The dried paint coating is a hard, solid mass of white color. The quality of fire protection coating application must be controlled visually. Resist spots are not allowed.

The service life of the fire protection paint is 20 years provided that the requirements of application and use of the coating are satisfied.

The product is applied using a brush or using a spraying technique.

Fire rating, minutes

45 min

90 min

120 min

Effective thickness of the metal, мм




Paint flow rate, kg/m2




Dry layer thickness, mm




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