AKTERM Zinc™ Liquid Anti-Corrosion Coating for Ferrous Metals


AKTERM Zinc™ is the professional thin-film corrosion-resistant zinc coating, which can effectively protect metals from corrosion. AKTERM™ cold galvanizing compound has a high adhesion to metals. This compound provides both active (cathode) and passive (barrier) corrosion protection. AKTERM Zinc™ is the high-quality cold galvanizing compound, which provides the same 100% protective action as other galvanizing methods. AKTERM Zinc™ can be used as separate zinc coating for metals. The compound is ready for use, it can be easily deposited at any temperature (as usual paint), it can be deposited on rusty surfaces.  The consumption of AKTERM Zinc™ is equal to 1 kg per 4 m2. The coating has a grey color after drying.


Industrial building construction and civil construction

Automobile industry and mechanical engineering

Gas-and-oil producing industry and energy sector

Railway construction, harbor installations construction and hydraulic installations construction

River transport, sea transport and land transport

Fabricated metals, reinforcements and pipelines

Bridge piers and bridge beams

Road fences and tangent towers

Reservoirs and vessels (including water reservoirs), cylindrical tanks

Forged products: staircases, handrails and souvenirs



Professional corrosion protection

-3 types of corrosion protection: barrier protection, inhibitory protection, cathode protection

longevity of the coating: the coating life is no less than 35 years (the coating can work in different atmospheric conditions of all climatic zones);

-corrosion protection for any metal surface (regardless of its size and area), this coating can be deposited on the surface manufactured with the help of hot galvanizing method


-decorative appearance: after drying the surface gets uniform matte gray color (without shades and tints)

-pleasant surface texture and strength: deposited zinc coating is smooth, even and “velvety” by touch, this coating is resistant to mechanical damage and scratches

Minimum labor expenditures

-“traditional” surface preparation is conducted before the initiation of the galvanizing process: metal surface is cleaned form dust and dirt, working hours and period of construction are decreased

-the compound consistency provides easy mixing of components of the compound before its use

the coating can be easily deposited: with the help of brush, roller or sprayer

the compound dries very fast after its deposition

-high rheological characteristics

Saving of time and financial resources 

-after the finishing of zinc coating deposition the welding operations can be conducted on spot (welded joints also can be galvanized)

visual inspection of the zinc coating abnormalities (such abnormalities can arise during transportation or mounting process), the coating can be easily repaired or cleaned

-the dismantling and new installation of fabricated metals and their spare parts are not required: all works can be conducted on the same spot, where the coating is deposited

-waste recycling can be fast conducted on spot, tool cleaning can also be conducted very fast

Optimized characteristics

this high-quality compound contains 96% of Zn

the compound is resistant to soft water, sea water, salines and ethanol

 -“the lotus effect”: the coating protects the surface from water and moisture (the water drops are collected on the surface)

-the deposited coating is strong and elastic, it is resistant to mechanical stresses and thermal expansion/contraction (over a wide temperature range)

high adhesive characteristics: the coating has a strong adhesion to finishing coatings (including paint-and-lacquer coatings and powder paint coatings)

-the deposited zinc coating is flame-retardant

-the coating is compatible with polyurethane, acrylic urethane, acrylic, epoxy, vinyl chloride, chlorinated rubber and alkyd coatings

-the coating does not have a sharp and unpleasant smell

-little soakage time, color doesn`t change, all water slips from the coating (“the lotus effect”)

-the coating is resistant to high temperatures (up to +300 0С)

-the coating doesn`t burn or blacken if it is exposed to open flame


Nowadays cold galvanizing technology is in demand in such areas as mechanical engineering, automobile industry, bridge engineering, shipbuilding, railway construction. Liquid zinc coating provides corrosion protection for different building structures and road fence structures. Cold galvanizing technology provides ideal corrosion protection for large-dimensioned metal structures, which cannot be galvanized with the help of other methods.

Cold galvanizing technology does not require special conditions of usage (in contrast to hot galvanizing technology), this technology is less complex and less power-consuming. The compound preparation process, the metal surface preparation process and liquid zinc deposition process are less labor-intensive. The cold galvanizing technology provides protective action – it happens because this coating has a porous structure, which provides the access of moisture to the steel surface (zinc-iron electrochemical pair is formed). In the course of further operation the coating structure is compressed, the protective action transforms to barrier protection mechanism. The effectiveness of cold galvanizing technology is equal to the effectiveness of hot galvanizing technology: zinc becomes an anode (as part of zinc-iron galvanic pair), as a result the cathode protection of iron is provided. Thus the metal surface or the metal structure is reliably protected for many years from disastrous corrosion. The zinc coating helps to optimize the appearance of the metal surface. Any decorative paint can be deposited on this coating.

COLD GALVANIZING TECHNOLOGY is the only method, which provides the corrosion protection of metal surfaces and metal structures, which thickness is less than 1 mm!


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