Anti-Corrosion Coatings

AKTERM Zinc – Cold Galvanizing

Cold galvanizing composition based of 96% Zinc, works as electrochemical protection for metal with protective action. Properties are almost the same as hot and galvanizing methods of zincing. Possible to use inside or outside living facilities.

AKTERM Primer-Enamel AquaMet

Fast drying paint based on water despersion, has powerful inhibitor and converted of rust & corrosion resistant pigments. Universal coating for protection and creation decorative view for metal surfaces (black, stainless steel, galvanized surfaces), wood, stone, polymer surfaces.

AKTERM AutoArmor

Super durable innovative polyurethane coating, used to protect body of car from corrosion or mechanical damage. Coating is elastic, strong and unresponsive for scratches. Protects body of car from atmospheric factors, oils, water or salts. Final layer of coating makes it looks estethic decorative. Coating may be colored.

Anti-Corrosion coating properties:

Information about tinting palletes are listed inside the products page.

All products are certified.

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