Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation of Room from Inside

AKTERM Concrete

Heat saving coating is used for thermal insulation rooms from inside. Coating with only 1mm width has barrier protection (not releasing heat, does not let the cold through ). Final layer has durable surface that may be pasted over with the wallpaper or painted by decorative paint.

Suitable as Thermal Insulation of Walls from inside.

Thermal Insulation of Metal Construction


Heat saving coating is used for thermal insulation of metal constructions, metal tanks, metal containers, metal pipelines, ovens with operating temperature not over +200 °C. Effectively saves heat loss, reduce condensate and frost, protects from corrosion, reduce chances of skin burning.

AKTERM Anticor

Heat saving coating based on organic, developed for protecting metall surfaces from corrosion. Applied for thermal insulation and anti-corrosion of metal construction, metal spare parts, metal tanks, transport e.t.c.

Universal Super-Thin Thermal Insulation

AKTERM Standard

Universal coating based on water dispersion, has thermal reflection properties & waterproofing properties, applied for industry and inhouse using with operating temperature from –60°C to +150°C.

Universal Thermal Insulation – from inside and outside. Coating is possible to walk on it.

AKTERM Anticondensate

Thermal Insulating, anti condesation coating based on water dispersion, applied to preventing condensate, fungus, fungal. With operating temperature from –60°C to +150°C.

Thermal Insulation of Facade


Weatherproof, Heat saving coating designed for facades and constructions. Coating is steady for UV (Ultraviolet radiation), reflects up to 85% sun and infrared spectrum. Reduces inside construction heat loss in summer time, reduces heat loss up to 35% in winter time.

Winter Super-Thin Thermal Insulation


Winter Thermal Insulation based on organic solvent, applied on surfaces with ambient temperature from -25 °C to 45 °C. Operating temperature from -60 C to 150C. AKTERM Nord coating has anti-corrosion properties, high steady for aggresive environment (alkali, acid).

Application procedure and properties of Liquid Thermal Insulation

Liquid Thermal Insulation – is easy to use building coating. It increases heat saving abilities of surfaces. The consistency reminds mastic, easy applies by roller, brush or special airless sprayer. Fast dries. After polymerisation forms in a thin layer, that works as thermal flexible barrier. Thermal insulation coatings works as “mirror” with saving heat and reflecting cold.

Thermal insulating coatings consists of micro spheres which may be:

  • Ceramic
  • Polymer
  • Glass

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