Fire Protection

AKTERM Fire Protection

Coating on water and organic dispersion for metal structures and industrial and civil structures. Protects against open flame for up to 120 minutes. Flame retardant properties of the coating comply with the requirements of GOST Р 53295-2009.

AKTERM Fire Protection PRO

Innovative two-component elastomeric material with a thickness of 1 mm provides fire protection for metal structures for up to 240 minutes! In addition, it has anti-corrosion and waterproofing properties.

AKTERM КМ0 – nonflammable paint

The nonflammable decorative paint AKTERM КМ0 (NP) for escape routes is made of inorganic modified aqueous binder, pigments, targeted additives, and fillers. After application on the base, it forms a fireproof and non-toxic coating.

Flame Retardants by AKTERM TM: Types, Properties, and Application

Flame retardant coating is a composition that makes structures resistant to high-temperature effects indoors and outdoors. It increases anticorrosive properties of construction and other objects of any complexity and has significant decorative qualities, low weight, and thickness. The processing with flame retardant substances is not time consuming.

You can buy any quantity of certified materials to prevent ignition of wood and metal structures in our online store. The scientific and production insulation technology company AKTERM is not only a supplier and seller. We develop unique modern protective materials with GOST-compliant characteristics in our own laboratories. As a manufacturer, we guarantee the delivery of large volumes of products within 1-2 days. We have been operating in Moscow for more than 6 years, but we also serve clients throughout Russia and supply fireproof materials to different parts of the world.

Product Description

Each flame retardant, which we offer to buy through our website, has passed numerous checks and tests, confirming its effectiveness. The catalog presents the following products:

  • AKTERM Fire Protection ™.
  • Nonflammable decorative paint AKTERM КМ0 (NP).
  • AKTERM Fire Protection PRO.

The first composition is designed to ensure fire safety of fences (beams, supports, etc.) by forming a polymer film after application. It provides protection against fire for 45-120 minutes as well as protection against corrosion. We recommend to use it together with alkyd-urethane coatings and GF-021 primer. This liquid flame retardant material corresponds to GOST Р 53295-2009. It is applied in a layer of 2 mm or more at positive air temperature. Full drying takes 24 hours. The base with flame retardant coating is allowed to operate in the following t range: -60 – +260 ° C.

AKTERM PRO is an innovative 2-component polyurethane elastomeric insulation, developed in compliance with GOST P53295. It differs from the previous flame retardant product with its increased resistance to moisture and corrosion. AKTERM PRO is recommended when you need to maximize the thermal protection properties of electrical cables and reinforced concrete structures. Other advantages of AKTERM PRO:

  • UV resistance;
  • reduction of noise and vibration;
  • thickness 1 mm;
  • easy application;
  • service life 20 years or more.

The next fireproof material – the paint AKTERM KM0 (NG) – is intended for the treatment of escape routes. It includes:

  • water-based modifying inorganic binder;
  • targeted additives;
  • pigments;
  • fillers.

The fire retardant paint forms a non-toxic durable coating. It can be applied on walls, floors, ceilings of any premises, stairwells, basements, warehouses, and lift halls. The advantages of AKTERM КМ0 (NP):

  • no cracking;
  • no exfoliation;
  • no adverse effect on human health and the environment;
  • retains color and structure under the influence of natural phenomena.

The described compositions can be ordered from us on the most favorable terms, as we are the manufacturer.

Advantages of buying from AKTERM

We produce certified flame retardants within 1–2 days after receiving an order. We cooperate with wholesale stores, construction teams, and small retail customers. We provide all favorable conditions of purchase, namely: We offer favorable conditions of purchase, namely:

  • daily shipments;
  • implementation of unique flame retardant insulation materials that have passed laboratory tests;
  • a unique scheme of work with major clients;
  • installation services in Moscow.

Call or email us at a convenient time, get a unique offer!

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