Liquid Thermal Insulation


Thermal Insulation Inside the Premises

AKTERM Concrete

Heat and energy saving coating is intended for thermal insulation inside the premises. 1 mm thick coating has a barrier protection (no heat release/cold air admission), effectively eliminates freezing and condensate. The finishing layer has a solid surface on which wallpaper or decorative paint and plaster can be applied. 

Thermal Insulation of Metal Structures


Heat-energy-saving coating is used for thermal insulation of metal structures, tanks, containers, pipelines, and furnaces with operating temperatures of up to +200 ° С. It effectively reduces heat loss, eliminates condensate and freezing, protects against corrosion, improves the microclimate in boiler rooms, and ensures the safety of personnel from burns.

Universal Ultrathin Thermal Insulation

AKTERM Standard

Universal material on water dispersion and with thermoinsulating and waterproofing properties, intended for industrial and domestic use with operating temperature from –60 ° С to + 150 ° С.

AKTERM Anti-condensate

Thermal insulating, anti-condensate coating on water dispersion, designed to prevent the formation of condensate, fungus and mold in industrial and domestic applications with operating temperatures from −60 ° C to +150 ° C.

Thermal Insulation of Facades


Weatherproof, heat and energy-saving coating for facades and structures resistant to UV, which reflects up to 85% of the solar and infrared radiation spectrum. Reduces the heating of the interior in summer; reduces heat loss by up to 35% in winter.

Ultrathin Winter Insulation


Liquid winter thermal insulation on organic solvent is applied on various surfaces at air temperature from −35 ° C. to +45 ° С. It is used in industrial and domestic applications with operating temperatures from –60 ° С to +150 ° С. AKTERM Nord possesses anticorrosive properties and high resistance to aggressive environment (alkali, acid).

Thermal Insulation of High-Temperature Surfaces

AKTERM Volcano

The high-temperature, thermally insulating, and energy-saving material is used on facilities with operating temperatures up to + 500 ° С. In addition, the coating has anti-corrosion properties and protects personnel from industrial burns. 

Liquid Thermal Insulation by TM AKTERM: Assortment, Application, Properties

Liquid thermal insulation is an easy-to-use modern building material that enhances the energy-saving properties of surfaces that need to be further protected. It has a mastic compound-like consistency. The insulation is easy to apply with a roller, a brush, or a special spray; dries quickly. At the end of the polymerization, it forms a thin layer, which acts as a flexible heat barrier. Liquid heat-insulating materials protect surfaces by the mirror principle; that is, they reflect and prevent the loss of energy.

You can buy the unique, easy-to-apply composition for insulation in our online store. The site of the insulation technology company AKTERM features only products of own production. You can order the required amount of heat and energy-saving coatings for the following:

  • interior finish of premises;
  • metal structures;
  • facades;
  • high temperature surfaces.

Ultra-thin liquid thermal insulation on organic solvent is also available.

Assortment Description

To protect surfaces of a particular material, a certain type of liquid thermal insulation is required. The following compositions are available for purchase from our company:

The catalog also features one universal thermal insulation Standard on water dispersion. This paint is non-toxic and fireproof and corresponds to GOST, like other products. You can buy it in plastic buckets with a volume of 5, 10 and 20 liters.


Liquid energy-saving coatings differ in their characteristics, but they always consist of hollow microspheres. These elements may be:

  • ceramic;
  • polymer;
  • glass.

The material properties depend on the type and size of the “pellets.” The characteristics of each Akterm product are provided on the corresponding product page. In order for the insulation to function properly, it must be properly used. We recommend that you strictly follow the instructions for use and do not exceed the specified temperature range.

Properties and Advantages of Liquid Thermal Insulation

The paint preventing loss of heat and offering additional protection of surfaces acts as follows:

  • prevents overheating and cooling;
  • offers protection against corrosion;
  • blocks the formation of condensate;
  • prolongs the life of surfaces;
  • can be applied with a spatula.

Akterm thermal insulation compounds are easy to apply, do not exfoliate, and do not produce an unpleasant odor; they are resistant to temperature changes, weathering, and ultraviolet radiation. The service life of durable finite coating reaches more than 12 years without loss of its properties; safe for human health and the environment.

Your Benefits

Akterm is primarily a manufacturer. You can profitably buy any amount of thermal insulation from us without intermediaries. Ordering goods in this way, you will get:

  • no markups for certified brand insulation materials;
  • fast delivery on time;
  • the ability to manufacture a product under the contract – in laboratory conditions, with unique characteristics, and according to GOST;
  • individual terms of service; services of a professional erecting crew in Moscow.

We cooperate with wholesale and retail customers from all over Russia. Delivery to anywhere in the world. The company’s main office is in Moscow. Shipment in the Moscow region is carried out within 1-2 days after order confirmation. Please rate the high level of service. leave a request on the site to receive a unique offer from our company


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