Special coating

AKTERM AvtoBronya

The ultrastrong innovative polyurethane coating is designed to protect the car body from corrosion and mechanical damage. It is elastic, strong, and scratch-resistant! It protects against atmospheric agents, gasoline, oils, water, and salt. The finishing coating gives the car an aesthetic decorative look.



AKTERM Concrete Separator™

AKTERM Concrete Separator™ is a technological lubricant consisting of mineral oils and special additives that provide high adhesion to concrete and anti-corrosion protection of metal forms and structures.


AKTERM is a domestic manufacturer, which offers special coatings in Moscow. These are high-tech compounds that have no analogues. Thanks to the unique characteristics, they are easily applied to the surface and do not require special preparation for use. The key feature is that these insulating materials increase the life of metal surfaces or simplify working with them.

Main Varities

The special polyurethane coating by AKTERM is a ‘second skin’ that allows to improve the physical and chemical characteristics of the surface. They can be applied to any insulating, decorative, and basic (metal) coatings.

This category features products designed to protect metal surfaces, as well as products used in production for separating concrete structures and reinforced concrete products and prevent building mixture from sticking to mechanisms intended for the manufacture or transport of concrete.

Fields of Application

Antisplash products are used in the automotive, construction, oil and gas, energy, agricultural, and other industries. Special polyurethane coating by AKTERM are distinguished by a unique recipe and excellent performance properties, which is why they are widely in demand in the domestic market. We have customers from Russia, as well as from the CIS countries, Europe, and Asia.

Product Features

Polyurethane rubber coatings have the following characteristics:

  • resistance to harsh climatic conditions;
  • easy application (do not drip down);
  • safety for health and the environment (subject to safety regulations);
  • economical consumption;
  • excellent adhesion to the surface of application;
  • protection of metal structures from adverse environmental factors;
  • compliance with quality certificates;
  • service life more than 10 years.

All products are ready to use. See more information about a specific product in our online store. Each product presented on the site is described in detail with pictures and the actual price.

Advantages of cooperation with AKTERM

We supply high-quality insulation materials of our own production. Both retail customers and manufacturing enterprises of private and state forms of ownership cooperate with us.

Thanks to direct deliveries from the manufacturer, our customers have several advantages:

  • the price of products is lower than that of competitors by 15–30%;
  • an application for retail shipments is made on the day the order is received;
  • production of large batches (up to 30 tons) is made within 24 hours;
  • Ral tinting system;
  • customized production (with own production facilities)
    assembly crew visit;
  • возможность заказать выезд монтажной бригады;
  • delivery to the nearest countries of the CIS, Europe, America and Asia;
  • goods in stock without restriction on volume.

For customers who want to buy special coating in large quantities, a discount system is provided. Discuss the features of cooperation individually. Call our managers.We are ready for mutually beneficial cooperation!


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